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More Money Fun

Summer is quickly winding down, and school has already started for some. Over the past six weeks, we had a great time with our Summer$Fun boot camp with activities posted to our Facebook page. The user-friendly activities were designed to help teenaged girls learn how to lead a life of financial independence and success, on …


5 Keys to Smart Investing

Investing is not an area where many people feel comfortable, confident, or knowledgeable. Studies show women can lack confidence with investing. But as we have discussed in this space, smart investing can be an effective way to build wealth if the right factors are in place, and this is particularly important for women who continue to under-earn …



The World Cup may be over, but achieving goals is still something to celebrate! Goals are a key motivator in many areas of life — athletics, careers, and not least of all, money. Among other things, goals provide an incentive, and an intentional option, when we want to give in to something that is easier, more fun, or …


Know Your Worth

What does it mean to “Know Your Worth?” At Financial Nutrition, we help girls identify their strengths and talents and learn how to articulate them. While this is critical for self-esteem at any age, later in life it can also have a profound financial impact. Women’s acknowledgement of their financial value in the workplace, and …


Summer $ Fun For Girls!

Are you looking for some fun and enriching activities for the important girls in your life? Summer is well underway, and with the 4th of July behind us, we have some great ideas to keep teenagers engaged for the rest of the season. The summer provides a fantastic opportunity to help girls learn all those important things — …


5 Key Money Ideas For Girls

At Financial Nutrition, our mission is to teach girls and young women about money so they can lead a life of independence and success on their own terms. Here are five key money ideas to share with the girls in your life: 1. Set goals — This is the first step at any age in any …


3 Steps to Higher Income

What are you good at? For some people, that question is easy to answer. For others, it is not always so clear. And the hard part is, if you are not clear on your strengths, talents, and how you contribute, it can be difficult to communicate them to others. Knowing and articulating your worth is not …


Money Trust

Money can be scary. And happy, sad, shameful, generous, joyful, and lacking. But money is seldom rational — no matter how much we understand its potential — especially when we need it to be. Both scary markets and exciting markets cause people to do silly things, like buy high and sell low. Similarly, buying or …


Equal Pay…Day?

Equal pay. When I think about this idea, it is hard to believe we are still talking about it in the U.S. in the 21st century. But the fact is, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, in the U.S. women earn about 81 cents on the dollar compared to men. I have also seen …


Are We Rich?

I hear from many parents that the question “Are we rich?” comes up from kids of all ages. And for many parents, it is a challenge to answer. The “rich” question is a challenge to answer because the concept of “rich” is relative and subjective. Rich compared to whom? Rich in what way? Some experts …

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