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One Path to Financial Independence

In honor of Independence Day this past weekend, we are re-running a post that was originally entitled, “5 Keys to Speaking Your Worth.” I speak with women all the time about their salaries — in classes, in casual conversations, in financial counseling. When we talk about financial independence for women, earned income is a big, …


He For She: How Fathers Matter

The conversation around girls’ and women’s financial empowerment is usually focused on girls and women. But more and more, men are being a very productive part of the conversation too. In honor of Father’s Day, let’s take a look at some of the ways dads make a difference in women’s career and financial success. Some …


5 Money Learning Keys for Girls

Women, especially, are failing financial literacy. An article with that title, published in the Wall Street Journal, reports on two different studies that show that women are still falling behind in the critical area of financial understanding. Money understanding is multi-faceted. There’s the knowledge that needs to be acquired, and then there are actions that …


How Salary Negotiations Support Women

Ending salary negotiations has been discussed lately as a way to help narrow the gender wage gap. The idea is that, if women are not as good at men at negotiating, or are penalized for asking for a raise, then just end the process altogether with a transparent, systematic, salary structure. A lot of pieces to …


What Are Your Stories?

Our lives are composed of many overlapping stories, says Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her extremely compelling Ted Talk, The Danger of a Single Story. Adichie goes on to say that hearing only one single story in a person is limiting and potentially destructive. It struck me after hearing this talk, how much the danger of a …


When Does The Pay Gap Start?

At Financial Nutrition, we have the unique opportunity to work with girls and women of different ages, from teenagers on up. What we learn about the younger age groups informs our work with the older set, and vice versa. Because when it comes to money, we always say, it’s not just about money. Take salary negotiations, …


Nothing is Certain Except …

If you’re a woman and it’s April, the hits just keep coming! First off, April is Financial Literacy Month. Studies continue to show that women are less financially literate and confident than men, so that’s fun. Then April 14 we had Equal Pay Day, commemorating the gender wage gap. Even more fun. And last week, …


Equal Pay Day, Again

What is Equal Pay Day? Interesting idea. It is the date that shows how far into the year (in addition to the previous year) that women must work to earn what men earned the previous year. This year, it is April 14. Quite a coincidence, given that April is also Financial Literacy Month. We have …


The Countdown Begins…

As we wind up the month of March, and the winter that refused to end (in the northeast at least!), we are coming up on the fine month of April. April brings wonderful things: spring, warmer weather, longer days. But it also brings mid-month that dreaded day when personal income taxes are due in the U.S. But April …


On Vacation

We’re off this week on a well-deserved vacation! We will be back next week with more great information about financial education and empowerment. Have a great week!

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