What Do You Want?

In my financial education work, I talk to a lot of different people. I talk to parents who are concerned about their kids’ financial know-how, and financial future. I speak with financial professionals who believe that financial literacy is critical to their clients’ success, through all the family’s generations. I talk to adult women who …


Why Bother?

Why bother? While recent studies have shown low financial literacy rates among Americans, some studies also bemoan the ineffectiveness of financial education. Having spent my fair share of time in graduate schools and knowing something about research, I can tell you that most studies need to be read with a careful eye, a decent understanding …


Watch Out — Moral Hazard!

Moral hazard is a great economic concept for financial consumers to understand. Moral hazard can mean that people have the tendency to do what benefits them most, even if it means not behaving responsibly.  Moral hazard can also be linked to information asymmetry, which is a scenario where one member of a transaction has more …


The Gift That Keeps Giving

It’s that time of year — time to reflect on the past, and look forward to the future. The New Year is a great time to make resolutions, or goals, for the coming year in important areas of our lives. Inevitably, money and financial security crop up on many lists of goals, resolutions, and general …


Invest In This!

Investing is a hot topic when I teach it to my high school- and college-level classes. These young women come to class knowing bits and pieces about stocks, bonds, and markets, and are very motivated to put all the pieces together and solve the puzzle. I love teaching about investing, as it gets to the heart …


Just Say No

When it comes to money, there are plenty of things to say “No” to. Continuing in our theme of discussing how to talk to your daughter to prevent the financial consequences detailed in our “Nixing the Money Taboo” post, the topic today is the importance of saying “No” in salary negotiations. As we have detailed in earlier …


Let’s Talk About Debt, Baby!

Remember that old Salt -n-Pepa song? I have heard that most parents want to talk about money with their kids about as much as they want to talk to them about sex. Well, in last week’s post, a pretty scary picture was painted about what can happen when you don’t talk to your kids about …


Nixing the Money Taboo

It can be tough to talk about money with your kids. In fact, many find it difficult to even think about money without some trepidation. But the taboo on money conversations is a big problem. Money can represent so many different things — power, success, even love. Or on the flip side, the subject of …


I Want To Start A Business!

An important part of our Financial Nutrition curriculum is Entrepreneurship. We offer Entrepreneurship both as weekend workshops for schools, and in private in-home programs as a component of financial education, and as an individualized learning experience (shameless plug: see www.financialnutrition.com/programs/ for more information!). One obvious question is: Why? Why do we think learning about Entrepreneurship …


Money Understanding Can Help With Life’s Big Questions

When I work with young women in high school, we often start our work by discussing the context of money for women in the US. We discuss how the median earnings for women working full-time are 77%  that of men’s. We discuss how women have lower lifetime earnings than men due to lower salaries, job choices, …

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