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Working Women, Self-Advocacy, and Financial Futures

Self-advocacy is key in many areas of life. We deal with professionals all the time — doctors, lawyers, auto mechanics — where it behooves us to ask questions, make sure we understand what we are paying for, and know how success is being defined. Self-advocacy can play a prominent role in women’s financial lives as …


New Year, New Look

The holidays are just about behind us, with one big one looming just in the distance. The New Year brings to mind resolutions, things we want to do differently, things we want to do better. Certainly when it comes to money, there are plenty of things most people want to differently, and better. And at Financial …


Why Can’t A Woman Be More Like…

Remember that somewhat, um, dated tune from the 1956 hit musical “My Fair Lady?” Henry Higgins repeats over and over again in a doleful refrain: “Why can’t a woman be more like a man?” While the point of this post is not to dig deep into the show’s 1950s-era perceptions of gender differences, the issue of how …


Starting Over

December 1, already! How did that happen? Before we know it, we’ll be staring New Year’s Eve in the face, and looking down the long road of 2015. The great thing about this time of year is the opportunity it provides to not just reflect on the year past, but to look forward to goals and possibilities …



We’re heading into that time of year — the time for giving thanks, the time for giving to those we love, and the time for giving to those in need. Thanksgiving offers a time for gratitude, and falling toward the end of the year, an opportunity to reflect on the year. The holidays at the end …


Whac-A-Mole and Salary Negotiations

A recent article in The New York Times likened companies attempting to solve the gender wage gap to a game of “whac-a-mole.” According to the “Vigilant Eye on Gender Pay Gap”, the wage gap issue is so complicated, if companies do not put the right series of fixes in place, the problem crops up elsewhere. One critical salary to negotiate effectively is …


Holistic Wealth

Is this a good investment? How many times have you wondered that? And how did you answer it? Managing money — and eventually wealth — is not impossible, but it also can’t be done as an afterthought. Many people take an a la carte approach to their money, keeping separate their spending, investing, taxes, and …


How Much Risk is Too Much?

Markets took most of us by surprise recently when the S&P 500 momentarily wiped out the year’s gains on October 15. Journalists and pundits sought to explain the intraday sell-off and volatility, blaming Ebola fears, economic weakness, and uncertainty about the Federal Reserve, among other things. Articles are still being published analyzing the spike in volatility and drop …


Love, Work, and Money

On the heels of the Microsoft CEO’s comments on women and raises, Apple stirred the women-and-work pot some more this week by announcing they would be covering egg freezing for women. Due to women’s biology and the nature of career-building, prime child-bearing years can coincide with prime career-building years. The older you get, the older your …


Karma and Salary Negotiations

Do you ever do that thing where you surround yourself with people who think just like you, and you sit around talking and reflecting back to each other what you all already thought? Or maybe you only follow certain news outlets that share your views, and run out to buy the latest books that mirror your …

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