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BIG News From Financial Nutrition!

Financial Nutrition is launching a nonprofit division, to help provide girls’ and women’s financial education curriculum and workshops for needy schools and organizations. We are so excited to be able to support financial learning in girls and women all over the country, and all over the world. To begin, we are offering girls’ financial education …


Women, Business, and Money

Donald Trump has been getting  lot of press lately. But the article that interested me the most was the one about his daughter, Ivanka. Posted on our Facebook page last week, the article discussed how Ivanka Trump is working her way to a leadership position in her family’s four-generation development company. Ivanka explained in the …


Girls vs. Boys

American girls are at a financial disadvantage compared to boys. Sound strange, doesn’t it? But think about it. Think of everything we know about men, women, and money in this country. Let’s start backwards chronologically: Women are twice as likely to end up in poverty in retirement, compared to men. While still working, women earn 78 cents …


Salary Negotiations — Where To Start

One of the best ways to learn how to manage money effectively is to actually have it and manage it. Often we learn this hard lesson as a adults, when there is more to lose. Ideally, teenagers get the opportunity to earn and manage money, and get their financial chops while the financial stakes are …


What “Social” Can Mean For Girls

As the new school year gets underway, and the academic and social seasons begin for teenagers, we want to take a look a different meaning of being “social.” In today’s Financial Nutrition blog post, we are reprising this post from February of 2014 about the value of social entrepreneurship for girls. Social entrepreneurship helps expands …


Summer $ Fun For Girls!

Are you looking for some fun and enriching activities for the important girls in your life? Summer is well underway, and with the 4th of July behind us, we have some great ideas to keep teenagers engaged for the rest of the season. The summer provides a fantastic opportunity to help girls learn all those important things — …


Teen Job Now = More Money Later

Teens who work in their younger years earn more money when they are older, and have an easier time finding a job, research shows. This is big news! It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. The job search requires research, organization, positive self-presentation, and persistence. Actually holding and keeping the job …


Entrepreneurship for Girls — The “Why”

In today’s Financial Nutrition blog post, we are reprising this post from November of 2013. Entrepreneurship for girls and young women is an important topic, as you can see below. In this week’s Financial Nutrition Facebook posts, we will be exploring different topics around women and entrepreneurship, including the need for women to start their …


Summer Money Ideas

It has finally warmed up here in the northeast, and all of a sudden it seems like summer might actually happen! With this year’s cold, snowy winter, it did not feel like we would ever be warm again! Along with warmer weather comes planning for summer break from school. So many recent studies are showing …


Financial Education = Global Change?

Financial Nutrition is excited to introduce Natasha Ansari, who is authoring today’s Financial Nutrition blog post. Natasha is our Research and Communications Associate, and you will see her in this space more often in the future! By Natasha Ansari Financial education is catching on around the world! As I review financial education research for Financial …

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