Financial Education = Global Change?

Financial Nutrition is excited to introduce Natasha Ansari, who is authoring today’s Financial Nutrition blog post. Natasha is our Research and Communications Associate, and you will see her in this space more often in the future! By Natasha Ansari Financial education is catching on around the world! As I review financial education research for Financial …


Give It Up For Math!

Math? Why do we care? The more work I do with financial education and all different types of groups, the more I see the importance of a comfort and facility with math in a deeper understanding of financial concepts and behaviors. There is the big-picture understanding of money — knowing that it is important to …


What “Social” Can Mean for Girls

Social entrepreneurship is a fantastic way to teach girls and young women about money, management, idea generation, and creativity. The beauty of social entrepreneurship is it can be a very engaging course as students attempt to solve the world’s problems in innovative ways, with new approaches to the problems, and positive predicted outcomes. Most entrepreneurship …


Money Has A Cost

Money means a lot of different things to people. It can be emotional and anxiety- or joy-provoking. It can represent success, happiness, status, greed, or misery. When I teach about money, one concept I really want my students to understand is that at the simplest level of all, money is a commodity. What does that …


DO Try This At Home

Teaching kids about money can be a serious challenge for families. One of the most common problems I hear from parents is that it is difficult to teach something so abstract. Meaning, because kids ┬ádo not take out mortgages and credit cards, they do not have the actual experience of taking financial responsibility, going through …


What Do You Want?

In my financial education work, I talk to a lot of different people. I talk to parents who are concerned about their kids’ financial know-how, and financial future. I speak with financial professionals who believe that financial literacy is critical to their clients’ success, through all the family’s generations. I talk to adult women who …


Why Bother?

Why bother? While recent studies have shown low financial literacy rates among Americans, some studies also bemoan the ineffectiveness of financial education. Having spent my fair share of time in graduate schools and knowing something about research, I can tell you that most studies need to be read with a careful eye, a decent understanding …


Watch Out — Moral Hazard!

Moral hazard is a great economic concept for financial consumers to understand. Moral hazard can mean that people have the tendency to do what benefits them most, even if it means not behaving responsibly. ┬áMoral hazard can also be linked to information asymmetry, which is a scenario where one member of a transaction has more …


The Gift That Keeps Giving

It’s that time of year — time to reflect on the past, and look forward to the future. The New Year is a great time to make resolutions, or goals, for the coming year in important areas of our lives. Inevitably, money and financial security crop up on many lists of goals, resolutions, and general …


Happy Holidays from Financial Nutrition!

We hope you and yours have a wonderful, joy-filled holiday season! We wish you comfort and security with money and financial understanding. We will be back in this space next week with more advice on how to get there!    

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