When Money Gets Personal

Ah, money. Kind of a many-splendored thing. But also pretty complicated. We’ve talked before in this space about how money can be a lot of different things to people: happiness, failure, success, anxiety, shame, security, potential. But we haven’t yet talked about how money can get personal. What happens when money gets so personal as …


Happy Presidents’ Day!

Happy Presidents’ Day! February vacations are much needed, especially in the northeast where the cold and the snow are at a peak, and warm weather is still a way’s off. We will be back next week with more conversation and guidance on money confidence, financial empowerment, and living the life of your dreams.  


5 Keys to Money Confidence

Money confidence is a hot topic. Last week’s blog focused on the “what” of money confidence. This week we’re going to break it down some more. One of the great things about money is what it can do for you. In a perfect world, money enables you to take care of your family, meet your …


Money Confidence

Money confidence. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? But what does it mean, and why does it matter? Let’s start with a story. Last week I participated in the launch of the Girls Academy for Financial Education at The Museum of American Finance. I am working with the Museum to provide financial education …


What’s Risk Got to Do With It?

Risk is the possibility that something bad will happen. With investing, risk means the possibility of losing some or all of your original investment. Risk can be scary, for sure, and it can be easy to just choose to avoid it all together. But while investments with low risk may not have far to fall, …


Your Human Capital: A Key Investment

Capital is simply an asset that yields an income. Human capital is our knowledge, creativity, skills, health, or value, and it can be separated from our financial assets. For many of us, our income — the money we earn through working — is our biggest source of money, and we rely on that income to …


Invest in This!

Women and investing is a hot topic. I recently began holding investment dinners for women, where we talk about the basics of investing over good food and wine, dessert and coffee. And these dinners are proving to be very popular. Together we create a warm environment for women of all ages to share their questions and concerns, and …


Working Women, Self-Advocacy, and Financial Futures

Self-advocacy is key in many areas of life. We deal with professionals all the time — doctors, lawyers, auto mechanics — where it behooves us to ask questions, make sure we understand what we are paying for, and know how success is being defined. Self-advocacy can play a prominent role in women’s financial lives as …


New Year, New Look

The holidays are just about behind us, with one big one looming just in the distance. The New Year brings to mind resolutions, things we want to do differently, things we want to do better. Certainly when it comes to money, there are plenty of things most people want to differently, and better. And at Financial …


Happy Holidays from Financial Nutrition!

We hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season! We wish you comfort and joy, with financial security and understanding. We will be back in this space next week with more advice on how to get there!

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