So You Want to Be An Entrepreneur!

We are currently holding a Financial Education for Women program for a group of young women high school students in New York City. The class focuses on issues around money management and financial planning, within the context of women and finance. On the first day of class, when the students were asked if they wanted …


$ Engagement for Girls — Some How To’s

We have talked a lot in this space about why girls need to learn about money. Girls need to learn how to analyze the evolving financial landscape, their options within it, and how to plan for their hopes and dreams whether they involve career, family, or both. We can teach our daughters that they can do …


Women and Power

A friend of mine told me today that she attended a “Women and Power” conference over the weekend. That phrase stopped me in my tracks. I thought to myself, how refreshing to hear the issue put so clearly! Isn’t power what we are actually talking about most of the time? When we talk about financial …


Financial Literacy Topics: Money Has a Cost

For the month of August, in the Financial Nutrition blog and Facebook page we are focusing on financial literacy topics given the poor state of financial understanding among teens. We hope to boost everyone’s understanding of these critical areas — teens and adults alike — and explain why we teach financial understanding the way we …


Financial Education — What Can We Do?

News stories have abounded lately regarding the lack of financial literacy among the U.S. population, and the poor, or non-existent, financial education in the U.S. schools. Along these lines, The Center for Financial Literacy at Champlain College recently published a 2013 National Report Card on efforts by states to improve financial literacy in high schools. …


The Summer Entrepreneurship Program has Launched!

We are happy to announce that Financial Nutrition has launched the Summer Entrepreneurship Program! This innovative, in-home programming provides middle school-aged girls with a foundation in financial understanding and entrepreneurial thinking. The program was a huge success and a lot of fun too! The Summer Entrepreneurship Program is a 20-hour program that focused on the …


Financial Education and Living Life on Your Own Terms

I had dinner last week with a good friend who is not only a successful international journalist, but now the very happy mother of two little girls. We only get to see each other once a year or so as she lives in Europe, but our conversations usually go about the same way. We talk …


Financially Fit Moms = Financially Literate Daughters

This summer, we are piloting an in-home “Financially Fit Friends” group for women.  Learning about money with friends at home is proving to be an effective approach to not only learning about money, but also financial self-empowerment. Our approach with Financially Fit Friends is to give women the tools they need to learn the information, …


The New Champions

Hats off to the new video from GoldieBlox, an engineering toy company that is working to help girls become more interested in engineering and building. The video, entitled “GoldieBlox Breaks Into Toys “R” Us,” shows girls re-engineering their stereotypical toys to invade the mass-market toy store, all to the tune of Queen’s “We Are the …


We Applaud Your Work With Financial Literacy, Jenny G!

We at recently received an email from a mom whose daughter had used our site for a project on financial literacy for a class at school. The daughter, Jenny G, found the topic of financial literacy very broad (and rightly so!), and decided to focus mostly on budgets, money, and saving tips. Jenny G …

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