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Women, Business, and Money

Donald Trump has been getting ┬álot of press lately. But the article that interested me the most was the one about his daughter, Ivanka. Posted on our Facebook page last week, the article discussed how Ivanka Trump is working her way to a leadership position in her family’s four-generation development company. Ivanka explained in the …


Women’s $ Engagement

Much has been written lately about women earning less, the glass ceiling, the impossible work-life balance. Studies continue to bemoan women’s lack of financial literacy. Women are poorer than men, on average, and twice as likely to end their lives below the poverty line. But what happens when women do have money? Despite all the …


One Path to Financial Independence

In honor of Independence Day this past weekend, we are re-running a post that was originally entitled, “5 Keys to Speaking Your Worth.” I speak with women all the time about their salaries — in classes, in casual conversations, in financial counseling. When we talk about financial independence for women, earned income is a big, …