What a Difference a Week Makes…


The Oscars were just one short week ago. After the Sony hack exposed a gender wage gap in Hollywood, Patricia Arquette called for wage equality for women in her acceptance speech for Best Actress.

And that speech got a lot of press.

But what’s happened since? Did that call for equality from the Academy Awards stage start any real momentum for closing the women’s wage gap?

Let’s take a look at the news that followed. We got continued analysis of how the pay gap effects women’s overall wealth, and articles about the jobs and the states with the worst pay gaps.

All important information for the income-conscious woman, but we got some potential sea-change worthy news as well. It looks like the gender wage gap could become an issue in the upcoming US presidential election, and major corporations like Walmart and eBay are being called on the carpet by investors who want wage transparency.

In reality, it’s too soon to tell how much Patricia Arquette’s speech will matter to this critical issue. We still continue to advise women to negotiate their salaries effectively so they can maximize their incomes despite gender wage discrimination.

In the meantime, here’s a survey of the articles that followed the speech. Let’s hope this is a sign of real change coming!

All the things women could afford if there was no gender pay gap

(Washington Post) – Two houses, 14 cars, or 37 years of family meals: That’s what the inequality in earnings between women and men can end up costing a woman over her lifetime, according to analysis by the Center for American Progress.

And the jobs with the largest pay gaps for women are…

(Refinery 29) – What do female doctors, financial advisors, and bartenders have in common? They’re all making way less money than men for doing the same jobs… Here are the top-10 worst jobs for women’s pay equality, according to the report, and the percentage of women’s median earnings in these fields compared to men’s.

Hillary Clinton highlights gender pay gap ahead of likely presidential bid

(Reuters) – Hillary Clinton lamented the pay gap between men and women to a crowd of female technology executives on Tuesday, in a speech that showed she may make gender inequality a main theme in her likely 2016 presidential bid.

Walmart and eBay oppose shareholder resolutions to disclose gender wage gap

(The Guardian) – Online marketplace eBay has said it will oppose a shareholder proposal that would require it to disclose any gap in gender pay. Arjuna Capital, a sustainable wealth management arm of investment adviser Baldwin Brothers, announced Thursday that it had filed the proposal, which requests that eBay publicly report the pay disparity between its male and female employees and set goals to close any gaps.

The gender pay gap is bad in some states, and worse in others

(Business Insider) – Patricia Arquette stole Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony when she called for equal pay for women in her acceptance speech. The gender wage gap is worse in some parts of the US than others… In all fifty states, the median full-time, year-round female worker earns less money than her male counterpart. However, the magnitude of the gap varies widely between states. In Louisiana, the median full-time, year-round woman worker makes just 65.9% of what the median full-time, year-round male worker earns. Meanwhile, in Washington, DC, women make 91.3% of what men make.


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