Archives January 2015


What’s Risk Got to Do With It?

Risk is the possibility that something bad will happen. With investing, risk means the possibility of losing some or all of your original investment. Risk can be scary, for sure, and it can be easy to just choose to avoid it all together. But while investments with low risk may not have far to fall, …


Your Human Capital: A Key Investment

Capital is simply an asset that yields an income. Human capital is our knowledge, creativity, skills, health, or value, and it can be separated from our financial assets. For many of us, our income — the money we earn through working — is our biggest source of money, and we rely on that income to …


Invest in This!

Women and investing is a hot topic. I recently began holding investment dinners for women, where we talk about the basics of investing over good food and wine, dessert and coffee. And these dinners are proving to be very popular. Together we create a warm environment for women of all ages to share their questions and concerns, and …


Working Women, Self-Advocacy, and Financial Futures

Self-advocacy is key in many areas of life. We deal with professionals all the time — doctors, lawyers, auto mechanics — where it behooves us to ask questions, make sure we understand what we are paying for, and know how success is being defined. Self-advocacy can play a prominent role in women’s financial lives as …