Top 10 Reasons to Talk $ This Holiday!


This past weekend, in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, a friend and I bemoaned the difficulty in keeping focus on what matters during the holidays. Commercialism of the season seems to grow every year, all but erasing the celebration that we might want for our loved ones.

So in the midst of all this, I suggest you talk to your kids about money. While money might seem like the basis of all that is wrong with the commercialized holiday season, conversations about money, values, and other positive financial issues can also help you make things right.

Here are 10 reasons why ’tis the season to talk about money (in descending, David Letterman-style order!):

10. The topic of money is an attention-grabber, and with all of the social media and technology out there, it can be tough to get kids’ attention.

9.  Money is the elephant in the living room at the holidays — by talking about it, you’re not pretending it is not an issue.

8.  Money is not infinite and needs to be spent with consideration, and there is no better time than the holiday season to learn that.

7.  Money conversations help you get more comfortable with talking about and dealing with money, too.

6.  Discussing how to give to worthy causes or charities is a compelling way to engage around family financial values.

5.  Planning what to do with holiday money gifts is an effective approach to learning financial planning.

4.  Money is a fantastic basis for discussing commercialism, and how to spend money on what really matters, despite the media hype.

3.  Money conversations during the holidays can build a foundation for money conversations at more complicated or difficult times.

2. Talking about money, and why you spend what you do, is a great way to share your values with your kids.

And the #1 reason for talking to your kids about money during the holidays is:

1. You love them! And helping your kids understand money at a young age can set them on a path to becoming financially independent, secure, and successful adults.

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