Archives October 2014


How Much Risk is Too Much?

Markets took most of us by surprise recently when the S&P 500 momentarily wiped out the year’s gains on October 15. Journalists and pundits sought to explain the intraday sell-off and volatility, blaming Ebola fears, economic weakness, and uncertainty about the Federal Reserve, among other things. Articles are still being published analyzing the spike in volatility and drop …


Love, Work, and Money

On the heels of the Microsoft CEO’s comments on women and raises, Apple stirred the women-and-work pot some more this week by announcing they would be covering egg freezing for women. Due to women’s biology and the nature of career-building, prime child-bearing years can coincide with prime career-building years. The older you get, the older your …


Karma and Salary Negotiations

Do you ever do that thing where you surround yourself with people who think just like you, and you sit around talking and reflecting back to each other what you all already thought? Or maybe you only follow certain news outlets that share your views, and run out to buy the latest books that mirror your …


Girls vs. Boys

American girls are at a financial disadvantage compared to boys. Sound strange, doesn’t it? But think about it. Think of everything we know about men, women, and money in this country. Let’s start backwards chronologically: Women are twice as likely to end up in poverty in retirement, compared to men. While still working, women earn 78 cents …