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Summer is quickly winding down, and school has already started for some. Over the past six weeks, we had a great time with our Summer$Fun boot camp with activities posted to our Facebook page. The user-friendly activities were designed to help teenaged girls learn how to lead a life of financial independence and success, on their own terms. If you missed the boot camp, and are looking for a no-cost alternative for high-impact money education for girls, look no further!

We are making the Summer$Fun boot camp activities available on the Online Programs section of our website, so girls can do these activities at their leisure. The program includes a comprehensive introduction to understanding money, with topics like goal-setting, understanding family money culture, the costs and benefits of compound interest, and an introduction to investing. Here are the six weekly topics:

  • Week 1: Know Your Worth
  • Week 2: Set Your Goals
  • Week 3: Family Money Culture
  • Week 4: The Power of Compound Interest
  • Week 5: Introduction to Investing
  • Week 6: How to Start Investing!

Each topic includes directions and an activity sheet that teenagers can complete on their own. Money learning needs to start early, so girls and young women can plan college majors, school loans, early job negotiations, and saving and investing to take advantage of compounding from an early age. These six activities help teenagers understand the big picture of money, but also the nitty gritty of critical financial concepts like compound interest and early investing.

We’ll also be offering a no-cost teleseminar for parents to discuss these topics, and any other questions you might have about money education for girls, on Wednesday, September 24. More details will be available shortly, and we hope you can join us!

We hope you enjoy these last few weeks of summer!



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