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More Money Fun

Summer is quickly winding down, and school has already started for some. Over the past six weeks, we had a great time with our Summer$Fun boot camp with activities posted to our Facebook page. The user-friendly activities were designed to help teenaged girls learn how to lead a life of financial independence and success, on …


5 Keys to Smart Investing

Investing is not an area where many people feel comfortable, confident, or knowledgeable. Studies show women can lack confidence with investing. But as we have discussed in this space, smart investing can be an effective way to build wealth if the right factors are in place, and this is particularly important for women who continue to under-earn …


Invest Early and Often!

Let’s be clear — investing is no guarantee of making money. No matter how good your research is, how smart your expert is, or how lucky you think you might be, investing always contains an element of risk. Markets are unpredictable — it’s that simple. However, there are ways to manage that unpredictability, or risk …


Other People’s Money

OPM — Other People’s Money. What we’re talking about here is debt. Debt is incurred when you use money that is not your own — it might be a loan from the bank, a credit card balance, a loan for a car or a house, or any other kind of borrowed money. While debt, or …