Teen Job Now = More Money Later


Teens who work in their younger years earn more money when they are older, and have an easier time finding a job, research shows. This is big news!

It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. The job search requires research, organization, positive self-presentation, and persistence. Actually holding and keeping the job can give teens experience with being on time, meeting deadlines, working with adults, and bearing responsibility. Earning a salary, as we have discussed in this space, is an excellent way to learn money management, especially when combined with budgeting and goal-setting. For more information, see last week’s blog post: Money Management — How To Start Now.

Now that we have officially crossed over into summer, it might be time for your teen to find a job. But it is no secret that finding a job as a teenager can be pretty challenging for lots of reasons. Here are some tips to help your teen make her way into the workforce:

  • Research — Your teen needs to research the job market in your area. She should look at stores, restaurants, and community centers and learn who might be hiring, and what types of skills they require. Most teens are comfortable researching online, and this type of research is helpful. But there is no substitute for pounding the pavement — a lot can be learned by visiting a store, talking to the salespeople, and watching the customer flow.
  • Prepare — Having a resume at this age not only makes a teen look more professional, putting together a resume is excellent practice for the future, and gives a clear idea that a career is built through education and experience. Self-introduction and interview practice is also critical for most teens. I have found teenaged girls are not always comfortable talking about their strengths — this needs to be practiced. For some help here, see our blog post: “3 Steps to Higher Income
  • Invent — It may be that a pre-established job is not the right fit for your teen. Maybe she is more interested in working with children, animals, gardens, or creating her own wares to sell. Inventing a job, meaning, becoming an entrepreneur to develop a business in babysitting, tutoring, dog-walking or cat-feeding, plant-watering or garden-tending, or creating things to sell, is a slam dunk as it not only provides work experience and income for a teenager, it also provides invaluable experience in entrepreneurship.

Hope these tips are helpful, and that everyone is having a wonderful summer!

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