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5 Key Money Ideas For Girls

At Financial Nutrition, our mission is to teach girls and young women about money so they can lead a life of independence and success on their own terms. Here are five key money ideas to share with the girls in your life: 1. Set goals — This is the first step at any age in any …


Teen Job Now = More Money Later

Teens who work in their younger years earn more money when they are older, and have an easier time finding a job, research shows. This is big news! It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. The job search requires research, organization, positive self-presentation, and persistence. Actually holding and keeping the job …


Money Management — How To Start Now

When I introduce the topic of money management in classes I teach to teenagers, I ask if any of the students receive an allowance. Only about one-third of the class usually raises their hands. I recommend giving teenagers an allowance, along with some guidance on how to start their money management, as it provides an …


Putting Down Financial Roots

Budgeting. Possibly one of the less sexy financial topics, but one of the most important. Budgeting is at the root of all financial management. Without a budget, it’s hard to know how much you need to earn, how much you can spend, and how much you want to or need to save, and invest. Budgeting …


Women’s Retirement Crisis

We talk a lot in this space about the gender pay gap, and the challenges women face with money. While there is great concern about all these issues, what we are not talking about enough is the financial crisis point women can reach in retirement. We discussed an article on the Financial Nutrition Facebook page …