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Entrepreneurship for Girls — The “Why”

In today’s Financial Nutrition blog post, we are reprising this post from November of 2013. Entrepreneurship for girls and young women is an important topic, as you can see below. In this week’s Financial Nutrition Facebook posts, we will be exploring different topics around women and entrepreneurship, including the need for women to start their …


Ain’t It Fun?

Ain’t it fun? Living in the real world. Ain’t it good? Being all alone. Those lyrics are sung sarcastically in a hit pop song, “Ain’t It Fun,” by the band Paramore. I was struck when I heard the song on the radio recently, as the lyrics really bring to the forefront what a struggle it can …


The Score That Matters After Graduation

We all know college admissions have become increasingly competitive, and test scores and GPAs are of a much greater focus for high school students than ever before. But there is a score that matters even more after high school graduation — your credit score. I spent last week working with a group of young women who …


Money Management Step #1

Spending some time away from home for the summer can be an opportunity for teens to manage money on their own for the first time. Because money learning is so experiential, this opportunity can be a first step for a young person to learn to manage money effectively — and independently. If your child is going to …