Archives April 2014


3 Steps to Higher Income

What are you good at? For some people, that question is easy┬áto answer. For others, it is not always so clear. And the hard part is, if you are not clear on your strengths, talents, and how you contribute, it can be difficult to communicate them to others. Knowing and articulating your worth is not …


Money Trust

Money can be scary. And happy, sad, shameful, generous, joyful, and lacking. But money is seldom rational — no matter how much we understand its potential — especially when we need it to be. Both scary markets and exciting markets cause people to do silly things, like buy high and sell low. Similarly, buying or …


Summer Money Ideas

It has finally warmed up here in the northeast, and all of a sudden it seems like summer might actually happen! With this year’s cold, snowy winter, it did not feel like we would ever be warm again! Along with warmer weather comes planning for summer break from school. So many recent studies are showing …


Equal Pay…Day?

Equal pay. When I think about this idea, it is hard to believe we are still talking about it in the U.S. in the 21st century. But the fact is, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, in the U.S. women earn about 81 cents on the dollar compared to men. I have also seen …