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Money Month

We are coming up on what is beginning to seem like the Money Month. April is best-known financially in the U.S. as the month when taxes are due. April is also now Financial Literacy Month. It is an interesting, potentially powerful, combination as completing tax forms typically means a review of one’s financial behavior from …


Why Economics?

By Natasha Ansari By some accounts, women receive only 29% of bachelor’s degrees in economics each year. So why did I choose to step outside the gender stereotype and major in economics at Mt. Holyoke College? I chose economics, not just because of sound earning potential and it being hailed as a “lucrative” major, but …


The Millennial Threat

By all accounts, the Millennial generation is struggling financially. Studies released recently about the Millennials — defined generally as the approximately 80 million Americans born between 1978 and 1994 — show pretty grim statistics related to financial understanding, current wealth, and possibilities for the future.  Recent disturbing financial headlines about this closely watched generation include …


Are We Rich?

I hear from many parents that the question “Are we rich?” comes up from kids of all ages. And for many parents, it is a challenge to answer. The “rich” question is a challenge to answer because the concept of “rich” is relative and subjective. Rich compared to whom? Rich in what way? Some experts …


What Women Want

What do women want when it comes to understanding money? As women gain economic power and status, more and more focus is being placed on how to reach and engage them financially. Because studies show that when it comes to money management, women are not getting what they want. I do a lot of research, …