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Financial Education = Global Change?

Financial Nutrition is excited to introduce Natasha Ansari, who is authoring today’s Financial Nutrition blog post. Natasha is our Research and Communications Associate, and you will see her in this space more often in the future! By Natasha Ansari Financial education is catching on around the world! As I review financial education research for Financial …


Give It Up For Math!

Math? Why do we care? The more work I do with financial education and all different types of groups, the more I see the importance of a comfort and facility with math in a deeper understanding of financial concepts and behaviors. There is the big-picture understanding of money — knowing that it is important to …


What “Social” Can Mean for Girls

Social entrepreneurship is a fantastic way to teach girls and young women about money, management, idea generation, and creativity. The beauty of social entrepreneurship is it can be a very engaging course as students attempt to solve the world’s problems in innovative ways, with new approaches to the problems, and positive predicted outcomes. Most entrepreneurship …


Money Has A Cost

Money means a lot of different things to people. It can be emotional and anxiety- or joy-provoking. It can represent success, happiness, status, greed, or misery. When I teach about money, one concept I really want my students to understand is that at the simplest level of all, money is a commodity. What does that …