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Nixing the Money Taboo

It can be tough to talk about money with your kids. In fact, many find it difficult to even think about money without some trepidation. But the taboo on money conversations is a big problem. Money can represent so many different things — power, success, even love. Or on the flip side, the subject of …


I Want To Start A Business!

An important part of our Financial Nutrition curriculum is Entrepreneurship. We offer Entrepreneurship both as weekend workshops for schools, and in private in-home programs as a component of financial education, and as an individualized learning experience (shameless plug: see for more information!). One obvious question is: Why? Why do we think learning about Entrepreneurship …


Money Understanding Can Help With Life’s Big Questions

When I work with young women in high school, we often start our work by discussing the context of money for women in the US. We discuss how the median earnings for women working full-time are 77%  that of men’s. We discuss how women have lower lifetime earnings than men due to lower salaries, job choices, …


Women, Work, and Money: The Numbers

I had the great fortune this week to attend a very compelling panel entitled simply “Women and Work” at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. The panel featured three stars in this area: Anne-Marie Slaughter, currently President and CEO of the New American Foundation and the author of the controversial article “Why Women …