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Girls and Ambition: Owning Your Power

It is impossible to talk about women and money without recognizing the context. What are we really talking about? Are we talking about money only, or is money a less intimidating shorthand for power? For success? For ambition? Last year’s eye-opening survey results from the Pew Research Center showed a rising trend in one measure …


So You Want to Be An Entrepreneur!

We are currently holding a Financial Education for Women program for a group of young women high school students in New York City. The class focuses on issues around money management and financial planning, within the context of women and finance. On the first day of class, when the students were asked if they wanted …


$ Engagement for Girls — Some How To’s

We have talked a lot in this space about why girls need to learn about money. Girls need to learn how to analyze the evolving financial landscape, their options within it, and how to plan for their hopes and dreams whether they involve career, family, or both. We can teach our daughters that they can do …