At Financial Nutrition, we teach girls and young women the basics of money management and entrepreneurial thinking so they can lead a life of independence and success, on their own terms.

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Our philosophy is simple but important — we believe that by teaching  girls and young women the basics of money management and entrepreneurship that they will be able to make the right decisions to  lead a life of independence and success, on their own terms.

Our pedagogical methods involve a combination of theory and practice. We utilize the Donohue Method of financial understanding, which focuses on a depth of understanding and positive disposition toward finance and economics to achieve literacy and confidence with money. We also work to encourage entrepreneurial thinking, focusing on creative analysis, idea generation, opportunity recognition, and goal setting.

Our proprietary research focuses on women’s financial literacy, as well as the ongoing analysis of pedagogical methods for teaching financial understanding and entrepreneurial thinking to girls and young women. In this area, we utilize a qualitative approach, which involves observation, focus groups, and self-reporting. We also utilize surveys and pre- and post-assessments in our programming.

Our programmatic success is indicated through knowledge acquisition as demonstrated through pre- and post-assessments. Equally important, our success is also measurable through a positive change in disposition toward financial understanding, money management, and entrepreneurial thinking, indicated by observation and self-reporting.

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